Even If You Have Two Left Feet, These Showstoppers Will Make You Feel Footloose

This year we are bringing something BRAND NEW to the FOCO Expo! Live performances!

In previous years we’ve hosted exhibitions from vendor booths, but this year we are also rolling out full, live performances that will feature different guests throughout the evening. Joining us on center stage will be Forsyth Academy of Performing Arts and Melomania

The Forsyth Academy of Performing Arts gave us some exclusive insider information on their performances: they will be performing acts from their recent musical productions of Seussical and Footloose. They will also have duets, including one from their upcoming musical Frozen! 

In addition, a very special guest will appear during the Expo: Scooter the Therapy Pony! Scooter is a miniature horse that is trained in equine assisted therapy, and he will join us for part of the evening. Join us for all those performances, and some traditional exhibitions by booths as well, next Thursday, August 8th at the Forsyth Conference Center from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM for the FOCO Expo!